Carrie Fisher to be Laid to Rest with Mom Debbie Reynolds


by Ericka Dodson

It’s been a little bit over a week since the tragic and shocking death of both Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds, who passed just one day apart from each other. The two will reportedly be laid to rest together, however in different ways.

Image Source: HBO

According to Us Weekly, the will of Carrie Fisher specified that she should be cremated. Alternatively, her mother’s will instructed that she be buried post-mortem. The two are set to be buried next to each other at Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles.

Image Source: Getty Images

Carrie’s brother Todd Fisher commented on why the Forest Lawn cemetery was specifically chosen. He noted that Carrie’s daughter reasoned that she saw a hummingbird on her last visit to the site, reminding her of her mother. “My mother loves hummingbirds, and had hummingbirds in her yard,” Todd stated. “We were going all over the place, and we got to this one place to look at this one thing, these hummingbirds came, and it was just like ‘fait accompli,’ as my mother would say."

While the joint private memorial for the pair was held on Thursday, January 5, the public memorial will supposedly take place in several months.