Khloe Kardashian Launches New Line of Jeans


by Wendy Mcgrath

The Kardashians are certainly no strangers to the business world, as they have many lines of products from kid’s clothing to hair tools out there on the market. The latest addition to their empire lies with Khloe Kardashian in her line of denim jeans, being sold at Nordstrom.

Image Source: Khloe Kardashian/Kris Jenner Instagram

Khloe opened up to Fortune about her difficulties buying quality jeans in the past, given her weight has fluctuated so much over the years. “Most designer brands didn’t carry my size. Buying denim was high anxiety.”

Image Source: Getty Images

Even after losing 40 pounds in the past calendar year, the star wanted to provide women of all shapes and sizes with high-end jeans that they will love. The line starts at price points of $149 per pair and come in three styles. They come in sizes ranging from 0 to a plus size 24.

The jeans are on sale now both in stores and online and can be shipped worldwide.