Sarah Jessica Parker Announces New Line of Books


by Erma Lane

Whereas Sarah Jessica Parker is probably best known for her role as column writer Carrie Bradshaw on Sex & the City, she recently announced she will be in the creative business herself and launching a line of fiction books.

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E! reports that SJP is taking on a prestigious position as an editorial director at Hogarth Publishing. There, she has set out on a mission to assist in discovering and nurturing upcoming writers. She plans to,  “find, edit, and publish three to four new novels a year.”

The Sex & the City star was quoted stating, "As a lifelong book lover, as someone who treasures and admires the skill and talent of original and powerful storytellers it is my great privilege to be invited into the world and business of books. Especially thrilling to join those who serve the rich history that is Hogarth. I so look forward to offering to readers the sort of books that have inspired my lifelong devotion to the written word," displaying her excitement for this new undertaking.

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We’re already adding the yet-to-be-published books to our Goodreads “to read” lists, because if we know SJP, they are bound to be glamorous, exciting, and all-around awesome.