Kate Middleton Flies...Commercial?!


by Gabriela Hurley

Kate Middleton went on her first solo trip abroad this week to the Netherlands to attend several engagements. And, her mode of travel surprised many! On her way back home, instead of flying on a private plane, she boarded a the British Airways 7:15pm flight and sat in first class.

Image Source: Alyssa Bailey

Accompanied by her body guards and still sporting her periwinkle blue Catherine Walker suit along with suede Gianvito Rossi Pumps and carrying her chic L.K. Bennett Nina clutch.

Unsurprisingly, her appearance was met with the flashes of iPhone cameras from additional passengers. “One source said he had 'never seen so many iPhones pop up at once,' as passengers scrambled to get a photograph of the Duchess,” The New Zealand Herald reports.

Image Source: AP

Upon her plane’s touch down in London, a car was awaiting Princess Kate’s arrival on the tarmac, which whisked her away once she deplaned. No other passengers were allowed to exit the plane until she was safely on her way.