17 Arrests Made in Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery Case


by Stacie Rojas

After months of angst for Kim Kardashian in the wake of her traumatic robbery in Paris in early October, 17 arrests have been made in the case. While these are all just suspects as of right now, it seems as though this is a step in the right direction in cracking the case.

Image Source: Shuttershock

A source close to the Kardashian spoke to People regarding the news, “Kim is aware that the French police have made arrests relating to her robbery. While she is relieved they are making progress, any updates makes her relive everything. It’s still very tough for her to deal with.”

Image Source: Splash

While the reality tv mega-star remained radio silent on social media for three months exactly, she came back into the spotlight on Instagram on January 3rd. She plans to make her first public appearance in Dubai this upcoming Friday, as she is set to attend her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic’s Master Class. She will be in attendance with security personnel in tow.