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Top 10 Best Bilz Box Money Puzzle. We use Big Data and AI technology to filter millions of reviews from customer. This will help you choose best product and your shopping save time and money.</plaintext> Make a gift of money even more fun to receive! If you're giving someone cash, a gift certificate, or event tickets, here's a better way to present it. Just slip the gift in the tray and snap it in place. The "prize" can only be claimed after successfully solving this two-level puzzle maze. Fits Cash or Gift Cards! Does not include money.</p> <p>Marstoy Money Maze Puzzle Box, Money Holder Puzzle Gift Box for Kids and Adults,Unique Way to Give Gifts On Birthday Christmas 3 Pack 4.9 out of 5 stars 13 $18.57 $ 18. 57. The Bilz-e-Lope is an exciting and challenging puzzle maze - maneuver the ball through the envelope until you reach the end. Once there, press the lever and the flap pops open like an envelope, revealing the gift inside! Box is the size of a standard envelope. Fits Cash or Gift Cards! Does not include money. Make a gift of money even more fun to receive! If you're giving someone a gift card, here's a better way to present it. Just slip the gift in the tray and snap it in place. The "prize" can only be claimed after successfully solving this two-level puzzle maze. Perfect for Gift Cards! Does not include money.</p> <p>ThinkMax Money Maze Puzzle Box for Kids and Adults - Unique Way to Give Gifts for People You Love - Fun and Inexpensive Game Challenge for Children Birthday Christmas Gag Gifts Blue. Tough to win I like it. I am going to put some money in it then give it to my grand daughter. I have given her these kind of puzzles before and she loves them or maybe she just likes the money anyway I think she will like it also. 5 BILZ COSMIC PINBALL - MONEY PUZZLE. LIGHTTHEBO Money Maze Puzzle Box Gift Money Puzzle, Funny and Cool Brain Teasers for Kids - Safe for Boys, Girls, TeensPink 3.4 out of 5 stars 126 $7.55 $ 7. 55.</p> <p>17.12.2008 · My sister gave money to my oldest son in the Bilz Box one year, so my younger son requested that he be given money in one of the boxes later on because he remembered how much fun it was to work for the money. Great gift idea if youre giving money to an older child. To Withdrawal: Solve the puzzle protecting the money by maneuvering the steel ball through the maze; once it reaches the end, depress the lever and the puzzle box will open! Place your gift inside and let the fun begin -- The gift is precious but watching as the gift is opened is priceless!</p> <p>Bilz E-Lope Puzzle - Money Gift Maze Brainteaser-New Money Maze Puzzle box from Bilz.Thinking of giving someone a gift card present? Cash maybe? How about event tickets, or a checks? Here is a cool way to give a present with add-on fun! Just slip the. Money Puzzles Gift Card Puzzles Money maze puzzles. Cart 0 Help; Contact Us; My Account; Login; FREE US SHIPPING ON ORDERS $25 Shop By Category. Wooden Puzzles > Assembly Puzzles; Interlocking Puzzles; 3D Jigsaw Puzzles; Take Apart & Tricky; Math & Sequential Move; Disentanglement Puzzles; Pentominos and Tangram Puzzles; Letter Puzzles; Packing Problem; Wooden Puzzle.</p> <p>Brain Teasing Maze For Cash or Gift Cards Clear Color - By Bilz. Money Puzzle - Brain Teasing Maze For Cash or Gift Cards - By Bilz 4.2 out of 5 stars 557. $12.59. BILZ Money Maze - Cosmic Pinball for Cash, Gift Cards and Tickets, Fun Reusable Game for Everyone Ages 8. Bilz Cosmic Pinball Money Maze Puzzle Brainteaser-The Bilz Pinball Money Holder Game has real flipper buttons and a plunger, just like a full-sized arcade game. The recipient has to get all three balls in the hole at the end of the lightning bolt. 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